A hint of copper wire

A tiny little roll of wire has set off an ideas explosion. There is a lot of metallic seen in weddings, usually basic gold and silver but copper and rose gold add a romance to the sparkle.

Mitre 10 stocks little rolls of wire for $7 in gold silver and copper. The wire is fine enough to cut with scissors (not the ‘good’ scissors) and flexible enough for even the least crafty bride to find a way to include a little copper wire.

The first 3 (and the leaves above) could just be made by drawing the shape you want and then using this as a template to twist and shape the wire in front of.

Copper wire wedding  copper wire wedding  copper wire wedding

These 2 would require a little skill with a crochet hook, if that isn’t your thing try Etsy.

Copper wire wedding copper wire wedding




by Kathleen Brewster

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