Bridal emergency kit

I have packed a few emergency kits in my time. I think it is my sewing skills that get me the job. Here for the benefit of brides everywhere is my must have kit.

  • Water – If you need a Panadol it is likely that what you really need is water.
  • Panadol – Especially when drinking in the sun.
  • Baby wipes – Not only are they a wonder for a freshen up but for any marks on the dress they are the perfect spot cleaner. They are always damp and have some soaps in them that will lift most small marks.
  • Safety pins – Not supermarket ones as they will just bend if put under any stress, go to the dressmaking shop to get some. They are ideal to re attach a broken strap.
  • Needle and thread – The little ‘sewing kits’ you can buy are hopeless, if you need to sew something you don’t want to be dealing with cheap and nasty thread. Using good cotton I like to cut the thread to lengths and actually thread them on the needle. Wrap the threads around some card and poke the needles through. As well as a small needle with regular sewing cotton bring along a heavier one with some stronger thread.  (top stitching thread is perfect) The best solution to a broken zip is to sew the dress closed and you will need a heavy thread for this.
  • small scissors – If you have to sew a dress closed she will eventually have to get out of it. Also handy if a veil gets a hole somewhere near the edge before photos the edge can be trimmed to take the hole off.
  • Sore tummy fixes – if you have a nervous tummy make sure you have something to settle it. Ask your pharmacist what will be best for your nervous tummy type.
  • Snacks – something small for an instant pick me up. If you have a friend who  is a cyclist get them to make you something small and packed for ease of eating on the run and full of energy.
  • bobby pins – Not being a hair expert myself  I will leave this blank for advice from your hairdresser, they will know what you will need.
  • Lipstick -as bobby pins
  • Medication – If you take something regularly in the evening make sure you have it around and remember to get it over and done with after cake. If you take something you can not miss, set an alarm in your or a bridesmaids phone.

pack all this in a small bag, choose something cute if you can as it will be hanging around all day. I hope you don’t need any of it but you will be fully prepared if you do.




by Kathleen Brewster

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