Beaded lace bridal hair piece

One great pleasure for anyone who does any sewing is working with amazing fabric. I was lucky enough to be able to work with some exquisite beaded lace which leant itself beautifully to being used for a hair piece.

The way most laces are made mean that they won’t fray so it is possible to clip out the details and use them in creative ways. For this hair piece each layer and petal was wired individually to lift them up and give volume to the finished floral spray.

The image at the top shows the hair piece tucked into a lovely soft up-do.

Below are close ups showing the front and the back. The wire visible from the back as well as the clear comb. I would usually cover the comb base in some silk but in this case the lace was so delicate that the invisible comb was much more subtle.

IMG_6382 IMG_6392

30’s veil details

I really wanted to show off the details of this veil. It was a bit of an experiment using the crochet detail but it all ended up looking so wonderful with the dress (and my lovely model) I am really proud of it.

IMG_5976374_weddings coast style 2015

Here is the crochet detail on the wire base. The tulle was sewn along the base to keep it against the head in the Juliet cap style worn in the 30’s.

The tulle I used is a soft bridal tulle. It falls more like silk tulle than nylon tulle. It was perfect for this look.

372_weddings coast style 2015 309_weddings coast style 2015 DSC_0797 DSC_0794

A simple little Veil

Along with the dresses used in the Bridal show I also made a few veils. This simple veil was made to complement a simple silk dress. The veil was designed to fall to the back with no allowance made for it to go over the face. The veil was attached to a small comb and the comb edge covered in a grosgrain ribbon.

This is the perfect veil for when you are planning flowers in your hair. It weighs almost nothing so can be tucked in under your floral comb without complicating the whole look.


Making a veil like this is a simple process. With a cheaper tulle it is possible to make a test run before the good tulle is cut. This means that you don’t even need to know exactly what you want, we can stand in front of the mirror and play.



I don’t usually fawn over celebs. I would rather meet the ladies who made the dress in the atelier than the ones who wore it down the runway. In saying all of this I am quite smitten with Ulyana Serngeenko, Russian designer and style icon.

Lets not waste any more time talking….photos say it all.

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Every now and then I get it into my head that I am going to wear skirts all the time but it never happens. I sometimes sit at my sewing machine in my target jeans and feel like the fairy godmother in a cinderella movie of my childhood who couldn’t use her magic on herself.

How to be the Queen of short wedding hair

Short hair is a complication added into the wedding mix that cause lots of trouble for some brides. I am sorry to admit that I grew out my signature crop for lack of better options.

I know that it was unrealistic standards of feminity imposed on me and all brides by our screwed up sexist society but dammit, I wanted to look pretty too. Here is a wonderful bride who got to keep her wonderful short hair and get ALL of the pretty.

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Beach bag

Another search of the hardware store has yielded more sewing inspiration. This beach bag is made from scraps of the print fabric used at the Breakfast at Tiffanys fashion parade combined with fly screen mesh.


The mesh is easier to work with than I expected as long as the Iron is kept well away. I made rope handles covered by hand and 2 internal pockets, one with a zip.


Play Tiara

I made this little tiara for my daughter. It was quick and made only from things already in my stash. If I was making it again I would make sure it was a little larger so as to be a better fit for Daddy too.


Materials – Wire, Metallic thread, Crochet hook, Sequins and any other trim and decoration you like.


Crochet – When I was happy with the size of the circle I covered the join in tape (to keep little ones safe from pointy ends) and wrapped the whole thing in gold thread. I then chained a row of single crochet around the whole circle. It was much easier to stop the crochet slipping around with the wire already covered in thread. I made sure all the stitches were facing the front and up.



I then continued around the circle making a second row of single crochet until I came to where I wanted to add the points. The points were already shaped and covered in thread. After stitching over the ends of the points I then continued to crochet over them. Joining them onto the circle by making my stitches through the row on the circle when I came to the bottom of each point.

IMG_0343Finishing – The ends were woven in. I used a needle and single strand of thread to fill the area in with stitches and sequins. I randomly added the sequins and kept stitching through them and the edges until the space was filled in.