Navy sequin bridesmaid dress

IMG_6427 Navy sequin bridesmaid dress IMG_6447

The perfect example of where a simple shape made in amazing fabric makes a gorgeous dress.

This fabric has some stretch in it so I was able to make this dress in the 3 days before the wedding. No complex darts were required and I was able to make all the amendments to the dress when the bridesmaid arrived from overseas.

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beach wedding plunge gown IMG_6526 IMG_6721 IMG_6779

Bias cut silk sheath

IMG_6721 IMG_6452


I am really proud of this dress, it took a lot of planning and care but I think the result was worth all the hard work.

It has a fine cord halter and a bias cut bodice. The skirt is cut on the straight grain in six panels. The back skirt is closed with an invisible zip and the bodice with tiny little lingerie style buttons.

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beach wedding plunge gown IMG_6779 IMG_6427 wedding jacket

Asymmetric Dupion silk column dress

Dupoin silk asymmetric dress Dupoin silk asymmetric dresstuxedo mismatched bridesmaids


This simple dress is made in Dupion silk which has a lot of strength. This means the fabric can be pulled tight and used with bones to get an amazing fit and a little cinch in the waist. It can also be ironed so will create nice sharp edges, good for darts and pleats

This dress has some boning in the bodice and a fitted skirt with a high split at the back.

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beach wedding plunge gown

Work In Progress – Dupion silk






Bridesmaid gown Dupion silk

susie 4IMG_0210IMG_0187 copy

I am working on an amazing wedding. Each bridesmaid is free to choose her own colour, fabric and style of gown. Here is the first, a fitted one shoulder sheath with a deep split in the back. It will be made and lined in shot dupion silk and will be softly boned from the waist up.

I have learned a valuable lesson when making the first sample of this dress. Never let partners/lovers take the measurements, they tend to like things a little tighter than the dressmaker does.

The next step will be to make the final dress, ready to be hemmed when she has her shoes in the days before the wedding.