Try including a fragile little twig in your wedding, They offer the contrast of a solid line against the softer blooms included in a bouquet. consider painting them as a way to add some colour. Green twigs will be less fragile as they will bend before they break but sometimes only the dry ones will do as they are more delicate.

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Sticks used for decoration of the reception. Firstly was a marquee so there was no issue with the bride suspending an incredible stick chandelier. The second is in a restaurant so may require some sweet talking to your venue owner. Lastly twigs painted gold for some extra glamour. These would look wonderful used in a vase with lots of white and coral pink peonies, highlighted with foliage and their little yellow centres.


Twigs wound into hair. Etsy has an incredible selection of jewlery made from cast silver or gold twigs if you would like to buy one but I think that with a little time and spray paint a crown of golden twigs could easily be made. If you use fresh green twigs they won’t be so brittle so will last well all day.

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Crepe paper beauties

My day has been improved by coming across the floral beauties of Artist/blogger Tiffanie Turner.

These incredible flowers are so inspiring. Imagine something like this decorating your reception or being carried by your flower girl.

TFQ00012_5 TFQ00012_2  peonytreecluster850 ROMANTICCROWN8896_850

I love this photo because it shows the scale of these flowers.


Her blog has some fantastic DIY flowers for anyone who wants to bring some of this loveliness into their celebration.


Crepe paper floral headdresses

Basic crepe paper flowers

I discovered through reading her blog the source of the paper she uses. I have tried to make some flowers with the sad crepe paper from the newsagent and they were not what I hoped for. I think I am going to have to order some of this thick and stretchy paper if I want to make dynamic and curly petals like this.

Carte Fini – Italian crepe paper.



Queen Anne’s lace

Blooming all over the Bega valley right now is Queen Anne’s lace. A very romantic name for what is essentially weed carrots but either name a lovely white flower. The above photo shows Queen Anne’s lace flowering along the Wolumla-Candelo road.

I have found some lovely examples of brides using this flower in their celebrations. My favourite is the basket loaded with flowers that could easily be colected.

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It is interesting reading comments from people outside of Australia about not picking them from the wild. Luckily we live in Australia and they are an introduced species and technically a weed so are fair game as long as they are not in someones garden.

These photos show the flowers I cut over 24 hours ago, still looking lovely in a vase. They did droop a little on the way home but perked up as soon as they went into water. Perhaps a bucket to keep them wet the whole time would be advisable if you were collecting a large bunch.

IMG_4666   IMG_4672

The spent flowers look just as lovely

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A hint of Peacock

I have often seen peacock feathers used in weddings and sadly they seem to be a little overdone. Here are some inspiring ideas for ways to bring a little hint of peacock into a celebration.

peacock bouquet ideas for weddingideas for peacock feather wedding

A few feathers tucked into a bouquet of greens.

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Incredible shoes (Choo, Choo, Bhlanik) Lovely if they are in your budget and inspiring ideas for a diy if you are a little crafty.


cute little uncut mineral earrings to bring more of the peacock colours in other ways.


Peacock colours for bridesmaids kept simple with white flowers and gold shoes.


Kate Moss’s Galliano peacock embroidery


I can’t seem to go past a lovely bouquet without posting it, this blog was supposed to be about dressmaking…

This bouquet has caught my eye because it uses a local native flower. I am always pleased to see Australian native flowers used in floristry, especially unusual species. This one is really special because it is a local species I remember picking for in wildflower bouquets as a child and still see flowering on the side of the road now. The trailing purple vine is an Australian species Hardenburgia violacea. 

The fantastic floral designer who used these is based in San Fransisco (her blog here). It seems an that the American floral industry is growing species that we should be embracing and using more. American brides also seem to use wattle and eucalyptus more than Australian brides.

Flower Inspiration – Ferns

It isn’t always the value of the item that makes something special. Sometimes it is the thought, care and time that turns it into something surprising.

With this in mind I have given some time to something I have in abundance in my unloved rental garden, ferns.

Green on green is an emerging trend and I love for its simplicity and unpretentiousness.

Here are some Ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Antique botanical prints as inspiration for invitations.


Potted ferns as centrepeices. Most species in domestic gardens can be divided and re potted easily. Pot up what you need a few months ahead and keep the seaweed solution up to them to have a green lush reception. Consider making friends with a local nursery, they may be willing to hire larger specimens.


Is your reception somewhere with a sturdy roof? What about a ball of ferns as a centrepiece over your dance floor. All you will need is a hanging basket that will allow you to insert plants into the bottom to make a sphere. Here is a similar idea but using succlents.

mix the species  for texture.


Larger leaves gently twisted into wreaths for a lush green backdrop for your ceremony or to decorate a wall at your venue.


Simple white flowers combined with ferns

malibuforest-wedding-03 letsfrolictogether_ARwed_227-438x657 Baby-Fern-and-White-Flower-Bouquet-300x450

These are cut ferns where the lower leaves have been stripped and simply used like flowers in a glass vase. These arrangements once made lasted 4 days before they showed even the slightest sign of wilting. This would make them a great  option to make even 2 days ahead.



Pink Peppercorn bouquet

I have a love for peppercorn trees. I have vague memories of climbing them in the hot sun somewhere in central Victoria at second cousins houses. The smell of the leaves, the papery crunch of the little pink berries and the twisted branches are all wonderful.

When I noticed these bouquets using pink peppercorns I needed to share. I dont know if your florist could find them but if you have a tree available consider including them. As well as the leaves, green corns, pink ripe corns there are also tiny little white flowers that would be lovely as bouquet filler.

image above from an Australian beachside wedding on

Below are a few ideas, photos link to original sources.


I love this moody colour palette, perfect for a winter wedding. Warm mulled wine before dinner and a handmade pack of spice mix for making your own as a gift on each plate.peppercorn-garland-diy-hanging-590x701Fantastic tutorial for a garland using silver eucalyptus and pink peppercorns.

peppercorn bouquetPink flowers and pink peppercorns with a hint of orange.

My favourite florist in the whole world

I love to share the amazing and inspiring things I come across. This New York based florist and farm has blown my mind.

Sapuia have a store in Brooklyn where they offer bridal services using flowers that they grow themselves. The flowers are soft and romantic as much as wild and moody.

saipua wedding flowers saipua flowers apples sapuia bouquet saipua flowers dahlia arrangement

The natural and hand picked flowers shatter the conventional flowers we see with perfect straight stemmed roses and limited foliage. I think this has been why I find the idea of growing or collecting flowers that you can pass to a florist to arrange with commercially supplied flowers so appealing.

They make me want to grow wonderful wildflowers and bulbs that are wildly inappropriate for the australian climate.