Flower Inspiration – Ferns

It isn’t always the value of the item that makes something special. Sometimes it is the thought, care and time that turns it into something surprising.

With this in mind I have given some time to something I have in abundance in my unloved rental garden, ferns.

Green on green is an emerging trend and I love for its simplicity and unpretentiousness.

Here are some Ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

Antique botanical prints as inspiration for invitations.


Potted ferns as centrepeices. Most species in domestic gardens can be divided and re potted easily. Pot up what you need a few months ahead and keep the seaweed solution up to them to have a green lush reception. Consider making friends with a local nursery, they may be willing to hire larger specimens.


Is your reception somewhere with a sturdy roof? What about a ball of ferns as a centrepiece over your dance floor. All you will need is a hanging basket that will allow you to insert plants into the bottom to make a sphere. Here is a similar idea but using succlents.

mix the species  for texture.


Larger leaves gently twisted into wreaths for a lush green backdrop for your ceremony or to decorate a wall at your venue.


Simple white flowers combined with ferns

malibuforest-wedding-03 letsfrolictogether_ARwed_227-438x657 Baby-Fern-and-White-Flower-Bouquet-300x450

These are cut ferns where the lower leaves have been stripped and simply used like flowers in a glass vase. These arrangements once made lasted 4 days before they showed even the slightest sign of wilting. This would make them a great  option to make even 2 days ahead.



My favourite florist in the whole world

I love to share the amazing and inspiring things I come across. This New York based florist and farm has blown my mind.

Sapuia have a store in Brooklyn where they offer bridal services using flowers that they grow themselves. The flowers are soft and romantic as much as wild and moody.

saipua wedding flowers saipua flowers apples sapuia bouquet saipua flowers dahlia arrangement

The natural and hand picked flowers shatter the conventional flowers we see with perfect straight stemmed roses and limited foliage. I think this has been why I find the idea of growing or collecting flowers that you can pass to a florist to arrange with commercially supplied flowers so appealing.

They make me want to grow wonderful wildflowers and bulbs that are wildly inappropriate for the australian climate.