My new studio

We are in the process of building a new house. In it I will have a dedicated studio.

Here is the first photo of what it will look like. I have just passed the power point plan to the builder and I hope it will work, I hate having to iron or sew in a bad position because of a lack of power points.

I have a rough idea for using kitchen flat packs to make a desk and drawers built along one wall. The centrepiece of the room will be my 1930’s dining table that will sit on a steel frame bringing it to work bench hight.

(the wood inside will be cladding the outside of the house around the door)

The 70’s are back

Although I had heaps of other things I needed to do I couldn’t keep away from my Macrame project.

It was much easier than I expected and very satisfying to see it come together. The only skill needed is to be able to tie a reef knot and use a ruler.

Macrame work in progress Macrame work in progress

If anyone wants the instructions let me know.  I just now need to grow something perfect for in it.