This little apron is made from a tea towel.


Materials – Nice teatowel, 5cm wide bias tape 2m ish long (I made mine from calico).

Sewing – Measure your toddler to work out the width and height of the front of the apron and trim the tea towel accorningly. If it is far too long take some length off and finish the raw edge with a roll hem or some binding before finishing the sides.

Stitch the bias on leaving length enough for bows on either side. sew onto the back side of the fabric. Press the fold along the length of the bias tape and then fold it in half tucking the other raw edge into the seam. Top stitch along the whole strip. Below shoes the folds and the stitch line is marked by pins. Beside it is the fold done to tidy each end before sewing flat.



Play Tiara

I made this little tiara for my daughter. It was quick and made only from things already in my stash. If I was making it again I would make sure it was a little larger so as to be a better fit for Daddy too.


Materials – Wire, Metallic thread, Crochet hook, Sequins and any other trim and decoration you like.


Crochet – When I was happy with the size of the circle I covered the join in tape (to keep little ones safe from pointy ends) and wrapped the whole thing in gold thread. I then chained a row of single crochet around the whole circle. It was much easier to stop the crochet slipping around with the wire already covered in thread. I made sure all the stitches were facing the front and up.



I then continued around the circle making a second row of single crochet until I came to where I wanted to add the points. The points were already shaped and covered in thread. After stitching over the ends of the points I then continued to crochet over them. Joining them onto the circle by making my stitches through the row on the circle when I came to the bottom of each point.

IMG_0343Finishing – The ends were woven in. I used a needle and single strand of thread to fill the area in with stitches and sequins. I randomly added the sequins and kept stitching through them and the edges until the space was filled in.



A yellow flowergirl dressed from a recycled cocktail frock.


IMG_6884Yellow flowergirl

I need to declare a conflict of interest here, this flowergirl is my daughter.

When the bride decided on her flowergirl wearing yellow  a coincidence struck me. The bride wore a yellow dress when she attended my wedding.

The dress was pulled out from the back of the brides cupboard and recycled into the flowergirl dress. The skirt was permanently pleated so I could easily cut and re sew it into a few layers. The top I cut down to the small size and added a zip and lining.

The flowergirl was supposed to be wearing a corsage but as soon as she saw the pin she wasn’t having it, ‘too ouchy’ She was also supposed to be wearing shoes and have brushed hair but I suppose you take what you can get with a three year old.

Here is the dress in its original incarnation.