Dressing a baby bump

If you or your bridesmaid are pregnant, surprise or not there is no reason to worry that the expectant mum wont look amazing on the day.

The dresses I have featured are not my work (and not all pregnant), I am just using them as examples of ideas and shapes.

Ist trimester – If you will only have a little bump then it is often possible to simply shape the style you would otherwise have chosen to fit. When making the dress a little extra is left in the seam allowances so the dress can be let out a little if needed. Lacing at the back can also be great as it means the dress can be tightened as little or as much as needed. Special consideration will also need to be made for larger and possibly uncomfortable breasts.

If you are hiding your bump then a little soft gather or ruffle across the tummy will do the trick. (Also plan a signature cocktail that can be made without alcohol and will still look exactly the same as what your guests are drinking)

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2nd trimester – A medium size bump still leaves a lot of room for style choice. Again lacing at the back is a great option when a dress is delivered weeks before the wedding. If you can have the final fitting in the days before any closure will work. Gathers are a great way to leave a little extra room for a bump, as is stretch fabric. (most sequin fabrics like the mini dress above have a stretch fabric as their base). A 2nd trimester bump can also sit a lot lower than a larger one so a nice fit around the chest is possible allowing a perfect fit for strapless for any size.

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3rd trimester – For a larger bump the style and fabric chosen will be a little more limited. Planning is Key. A dress fitted around the bust and draped or gathered over the bump is an easy choice. An addition to this is to consider having a full skirt like the tulle gown below. A dress can also be shaped to allow room for a bump if you want a more modern simple style like the layered Dior dress below.

A strapless will only work well for smaller breasted ladies, the structure needed to keep a larger bust from being over squished isn’t possible with a larger bump. A little extra support over the shoulder is all that is needed, asymmetric , fine straps, halters and fine fabrics will all do the job.

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Having a dress made is a wonderful way to remove any stress around dressing a baby bump.

by Kathleen Brewster

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