Pink Peppercorn bouquet

I have a love for peppercorn trees. I have vague memories of climbing them in the hot sun somewhere in central Victoria at second cousins houses. The smell of the leaves, the papery crunch of the little pink berries and the twisted branches are all wonderful.

When I noticed these bouquets using pink peppercorns I needed to share. I dont know if your florist could find them but if you have a tree available consider including them. As well as the leaves, green corns, pink ripe corns there are also tiny little white flowers that would be lovely as bouquet filler.

image above from an Australian beachside wedding on

Below are a few ideas, photos link to original sources.


I love this moody colour palette, perfect for a winter wedding. Warm mulled wine before dinner and a handmade pack of spice mix for making your own as a gift on each plate.peppercorn-garland-diy-hanging-590x701Fantastic tutorial for a garland using silver eucalyptus and pink peppercorns.

peppercorn bouquetPink flowers and pink peppercorns with a hint of orange.

by Kathleen Brewster

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