Play Tiara

I made this little tiara for my daughter. It was quick and made only from things already in my stash. If I was making it again I would make sure it was a little larger so as to be a better fit for Daddy too.


Materials – Wire, Metallic thread, Crochet hook, Sequins and any other trim and decoration you like.


Crochet – When I was happy with the size of the circle I covered the join in tape (to keep little ones safe from pointy ends) and wrapped the whole thing in gold thread. I then chained a row of single crochet around the whole circle. It was much easier to stop the crochet slipping around with the wire already covered in thread. I made sure all the stitches were facing the front and up.



I then continued around the circle making a second row of single crochet until I came to where I wanted to add the points. The points were already shaped and covered in thread. After stitching over the ends of the points I then continued to crochet over them. Joining them onto the circle by making my stitches through the row on the circle when I came to the bottom of each point.

IMG_0343Finishing – The ends were woven in. I used a needle and single strand of thread to fill the area in with stitches and sequins. I randomly added the sequins and kept stitching through them and the edges until the space was filled in.



by Kathleen Brewster

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