This little apron is made from a tea towel.


Materials – Nice teatowel, 5cm wide bias tape 2m ish long (I made mine from calico).

Sewing – Measure your toddler to work out the width and height of the front of the apron and trim the tea towel accorningly. If it is far too long take some length off and finish the raw edge with a roll hem or some binding before finishing the sides.

Stitch the bias on leaving length enough for bows on either side. sew onto the back side of the fabric. Press the fold along the length of the bias tape and then fold it in half tucking the other raw edge into the seam. Top stitch along the whole strip. Below shoes the folds and the stitch line is marked by pins. Beside it is the fold done to tidy each end before sewing flat.



by Kathleen Brewster

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