Winter Wedding

I can understand the reluctance a bride has when she finds her perfect dress to cover it up. I think that may be why so few Australian brides choose a wedding in winter.

Iwould like to put forward some ideas to inspire anyone considering a cold weather wedding.

Texture and softness with hand knits

0290b79c1189d8c08f7d1229706a3371 hand knit poncho chunky, perfect for a winter wedding

A knitted dress in fine yarn

Knitted dress, perfect for a winter wedding

Gloves if you are happy to make everyone wait as you carefully peel one off for your exchange of rings.dt_1389394397_f_Margaret_Front

vintage gloves, 60's wedding, winter wedding

Fingerless gloves if you don’t want any drama

fair isle knitted gloves, perfect for a winter wedding cashmere mitts, perfect for a winter wedding

Tights for warmth and cute.



Embellished socks and heels


A sequin cloche or beanie for a bride who isn’t worried about her hair or looks super cute with her hair all tucked up in a hat.

embellished sequin  beanie, perfect for a winter wedding

A cream jacket purchased within budget then given the Chanel haute couture treatment with sew on jewels.

embellished Chanel jacket

PS, I love knitting and crochet and would love to sit down with a winter bride and plan her dress as well as her hand knittted cashmere shawl….

My Wedding

although 5 years old now I wanted to show off my own wedding. It was lovely looking through the photos again. This will perhaps provide an insight into why I love intimate day weddings.

Venue – A ‘backyard’ wedding made super stylish through having a gorgeous beach house in the family.


Dress – Made by me in superfine Dupion silk.


Hair – Albino peacock feathers and petals made from seed pearls.


Flowers – I sourced flowers from a local wildflower farm. Well established growing red waratahs I secured the first crop of white waratahs for my bouquet. On the tables were single stem red waratahs in glass vases. In the garden were large loose arangements of native flowers from gardens of family and friends. Buttonholes and corsages made with flannel flowers.




Food – simple cold seafood, home made bread, local chicken and home grown salad. Baby pavs, fruit cake port and tea.

Bridesmaids – Based around the stunning blue shoes was a slightly 40’s little ensemble of tweed skirt and silk blouse.


A small guest list and budget but still an amazing day. The little bit of rain had gone by the time I arrived leaving its mark on the surrounding bush enhancing the colours. I would recommend anyone who is working with a tight budget to consider having their wedding at home. there are so may more ways you can avoid paying too much for things. Perhaps I should make another post about that.




The Sound of music wedding dress.

Please Indulge me a moment, I just want to fawn over and examine this lovely dress.

The gown is a simple a line with folds of train behind it. The skirt looks like it has seamed panels that allow the skirt ot be fuller towards the hem and I would love some more detailed photos that show what is going on at the back. The hem of the skirt is weighted with a corded piping. This weight would keep the hem falling evenly and its inertia allowing a more subtle movement.

sound of music wedding dress

sound of music wedding dress

The bodice is beautifully fitted over what was likely a naturally lovely waist The seam line detailed with piping under the bust creates the shape leaving the lines in the body to continue down to the skirt. This fine piping would have been quite fiddly to get right so shows the beauty in the tailoring.

That collar is fascinating. It is another design element used to lengthen the body. It has fine piping around the neck. The front panels are not on the straight grain but also not quite on the bias. The line flows from under the bust to up and around the neck and back down to the under bust with a little overlap. I wonder if it is sewn closed