Wattle is in bloom

No time today to put up with any hay fever whiners, the wattle is starting to bloom and I love it. The bright and lovely pillows of wattle are also the first hint that spring is on its way.

Here is a little wattle inspiration to bring a little more yellow to your day.

Wattle used in a mixed bouquet with more cottage flowers. They do work just as well away from their usual pairings of other Australian natives.

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This amazing bead necklace I have seen before so it isn’t available anymore. The designer is called Jojo and I can’t find a trace of her current work to see if there might be some more wattle in it.


This image is from a spring fete somewhere in France but the idea of using flowers and chicken wire would be perfect for a backdrop or photo booth.


Simple yellow, white and green.

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The Queen of wattle.


If you want to look a little further, search for mimosa as well as wattle, that is what the Americans call it.