Long line underbust Corset

After years of making boned dresses I finally had an opportunity to try my hand at the more technical world of corsetry. (Secretly I was always looking for an excuse)

This corset was made with 2 pieces of plastic boning per seam. The pattern doesn’t allow for a strong cinch at the waist so steel would have been wasted. The fabric is a print by Catherine Martin, with its reference to Lyrebird tail feathers I had to have it even though I had no idea how I was going to match the print at the seams. The binding, flossing and lacing offer a little contrast but are still tonal with the main print fabric.

An enormous thank you to Meg on who these patterns are based. For all your patience from the first draft to the final posing.

Ivy’s first Chanel jacket

In a stash from my Aunty came a lovely little piece of woven wool. I knew i wanted to make a little jacket as soon as I saw it. The jacket is trimmed with velvet ribbon and freed fringe cut from the jacket fabric. Lined in black satin with ‘brass’ buttons.

I should really call it Ivy’s first 80’s Chanel jacket.