A tutu experiment

Here is a sneak peek of a project I am currently working on.

I have had a roll of stiff white tulle in my stash for years just waiting for someone to ask me if I can make a tutu. This will be my first time so I am hoping that with the sewing skills I have and the research I have done it will turn out beautifully.

The plan is for a waist high adult size rehearsal tutu. I am using a stretch knit for the base which I know isn’t technically correct but will function well enough for this purpose. If this works as I hope I will try another using a mesh base and separate basque.

At school I remember thinking how pointless things were, when was I going to have to use Pi in the real world. Well the joke is on me, I want to make the top layer from a straight piece where the length is the exact circumference of the skirt. I will need to re-aquaint myself with Pi.

The image above shows me working out the widths I will need for each row. The image below shows the first sample of the base with fit adjustments and approximations of where the tulle will go so I can work out lengths (I have already planned my pleating ratio)

making a tutu

by Kathleen Brewster