Feminist Killjoy ruins wedding jokes.

This morning I found this ‘hilarious’ pair of socks on the feed of one of a large number of wedding sites I follow. It actually made me feel a little bit sad.

What we say, even in jest actually matters.  These socks say Men are hopeless commitment phobes ands marriage is the worst. They also more subtly bring up the worst stereotypes of women as being the one who really wants to get married and doing anything to get it then quickly regressing into a nagging unsexy housewife.

I know all this this because there was no lady equivalant sock.

Just like there is no lady equivalant of the ‘last chance to run’ sign. Great article here on Offbeat bride.


I was going to give amazon the benefit of the doubt when I saw they had a ‘reluctant bride’ as well as a ‘reluctant groom’ cake topper but a quick scroll down showed the actual ratio of toppers following the theme of reluctant groom to bride is 6 to 1. A small selection below, google ‘funny cake topper’ if you need more proof.

Wilton-Oh-No-You-Dont-Humorous-Cake-Topper Wilton-Now-I-have-You-Cake-Topper Wilton-Ball-and-Chain-Humorous-Cake-Topper  Humorous-Wedding-Cake-Topper-Groom-on-Leash Reluctant-Bride-Wedding-Cake-Topper