Tutus available to purchase

In the lead up to christmas I am offering a small number of tutus to purchase in kids sizes.

These tutus are perfect for a budding dancer as well as for flower girls and dress ups.

I am offering in white and black only a ‘Romantic’ style and a ‘Plate’ style. All the measurements and prices are below.

Romantic tutu

Small (6-8 years 45cm long skirt) Medium (8-10 years 58cm long skirt) High stretch waist band with hook and loop closure with multiple rows of loops. 3 rows of gathered bridal tulle.

Price – $38.30

Plate tutu

Small (6-8 years or 68cm hip. Skirt 25cm long) Medium (8-10 years or 73cm hip. skirt 27cm long) Stretch fabric used for briefs but there is more rigidity around the hip where the tulle is applied. 7 rows of pleated tulle.

Price – $64.70

Special orders are possible, Adult sizes, Emma wiggle yellow ribbon appliqué or heavy duty construction for serious little dancers, get in touch for details.

To be ready early December I will need orders placed by Friday the 5th. Please feel free to contact me if you would like more information on sizing.

Bridal hairpiece

This bride was incredibly lucky, the sales assistant where she purchased her dress gave her some scraps of lace when she collected her dress. As she came to me to make her dress smaller and not larger the lace wasn’t needed for on the dress.

Along with the leftover lace and a scrap of chiffon trimmed from her hem I made this lovely hairpiece.

Below images show chiffon petals being sewn into a rose and wired lace wrapped in white florists tape waiting to be combined.

The addition of 4 little comb for flower girls came later when I realised there would be more lace than needed. These also included some blossoms made from the mesh between the lace and some vintage pearl stamens.


Ivy’s first Chanel jacket

In a stash from my Aunty came a lovely little piece of woven wool. I knew i wanted to make a little jacket as soon as I saw it. The jacket is trimmed with velvet ribbon and freed fringe cut from the jacket fabric. Lined in black satin with ‘brass’ buttons.

I should really call it Ivy’s first 80’s Chanel jacket.


Crepe paper beauties

My day has been improved by coming across the floral beauties of Artist/blogger Tiffanie Turner.

These incredible flowers are so inspiring. Imagine something like this decorating your reception or being carried by your flower girl.

TFQ00012_5 TFQ00012_2  peonytreecluster850 ROMANTICCROWN8896_850

I love this photo because it shows the scale of these flowers.


Her blog has some fantastic DIY flowers for anyone who wants to bring some of this loveliness into their celebration.


Crepe paper floral headdresses

Basic crepe paper flowers

I discovered through reading her blog the source of the paper she uses. I have tried to make some flowers with the sad crepe paper from the newsagent and they were not what I hoped for. I think I am going to have to order some of this thick and stretchy paper if I want to make dynamic and curly petals like this.

Carte Fini – Italian crepe paper.



How to be the Queen of short wedding hair

Short hair is a complication added into the wedding mix that cause lots of trouble for some brides. I am sorry to admit that I grew out my signature crop for lack of better options.

I know that it was unrealistic standards of feminity imposed on me and all brides by our screwed up sexist society but dammit, I wanted to look pretty too. Here is a wonderful bride who got to keep her wonderful short hair and get ALL of the pretty.

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A yellow flowergirl dressed from a recycled cocktail frock.


IMG_6884Yellow flowergirl

I need to declare a conflict of interest here, this flowergirl is my daughter.

When the bride decided on her flowergirl wearing yellow  a coincidence struck me. The bride wore a yellow dress when she attended my wedding.

The dress was pulled out from the back of the brides cupboard and recycled into the flowergirl dress. The skirt was permanently pleated so I could easily cut and re sew it into a few layers. The top I cut down to the small size and added a zip and lining.

The flowergirl was supposed to be wearing a corsage but as soon as she saw the pin she wasn’t having it, ‘too ouchy’ She was also supposed to be wearing shoes and have brushed hair but I suppose you take what you can get with a three year old.

Here is the dress in its original incarnation.