Winter Wedding

I can understand the reluctance a bride has when she finds her perfect dress to cover it up. I think that may be why so few Australian brides choose a wedding in winter.

Iwould like to put forward some ideas to inspire anyone considering a cold weather wedding.

Texture and softness with hand knits

0290b79c1189d8c08f7d1229706a3371 hand knit poncho chunky, perfect for a winter wedding

A knitted dress in fine yarn

Knitted dress, perfect for a winter wedding

Gloves if you are happy to make everyone wait as you carefully peel one off for your exchange of rings.dt_1389394397_f_Margaret_Front

vintage gloves, 60's wedding, winter wedding

Fingerless gloves if you don’t want any drama

fair isle knitted gloves, perfect for a winter wedding cashmere mitts, perfect for a winter wedding

Tights for warmth and cute.



Embellished socks and heels


A sequin cloche or beanie for a bride who isn’t worried about her hair or looks super cute with her hair all tucked up in a hat.

embellished sequin  beanie, perfect for a winter wedding

A cream jacket purchased within budget then given the Chanel haute couture treatment with sew on jewels.

embellished Chanel jacket

PS, I love knitting and crochet and would love to sit down with a winter bride and plan her dress as well as her hand knittted cashmere shawl….