Tulle, I love you

Tulle is an incredibly versatile, cheap and fun fabric to use in a wedding gown.

It comes in huge widths for flowing skirts. It doesn’t fray so there is no need for edging it, this saves time in making but  more importantly the edges have no weight added to them.  Tulle can be dressed up for the evening but works equally well for a day dress because of its matte finish.

Below are some examples of the way tulle can be used in wedding gowns.  All of these ideas can be used in a made to measure dress and most will be a great way achieve drama without a dramatic price.

A playfull sweetheart dress with a draped tulle skirt from Love Yu

tulle sweetheart gown

Tulle here is used to make a dramatic but soft fishtail. Raw edge strips are woven around the body creating texture.

tulle fish tail gown

Marchesa uses the cut edges to great effect with a hankerchief cut skirt.

Marchesa tulle gown

I love the shape of this dress from Charlie Brear, A bias cut sheath would fall beautifully over the body and the tulle add a layer of movement without any bulk.

tulle collumn

Silver tulle , no source. Colour can be a little trickier to find in a softer weight tulle but isn’t impossible. The right type of tulle can be dyed. Colour tulle (black is available and sexy) is also perfect for any other formal event where you want to make a scene.

silver grey tulle

this Blue skirt a has a single layer of contrasting tulle over the top. This tulle is a little stiffer than some other examples here so it sits out from the lining skirt.

blue tulle gown

A skirt of a single layer of tulle draped from a jewel encrusted sheath. I love the way this skirt falls like a waterfall from the edge of the beading.


Lovely tulle sleeve seen on Style me Pretty. A gorgeous addition to any dress.


Another from Style me pretty is this wonderful wedding where the bride isnt the only one who gets to wear an amazing tulle skirt. I love the way the bridesmaids have paired their skirts with a simple stretch fabric tee.


Tulle gives a layer of etherial softness to a sequin gown without dampening the sparkle underneath. This simple shape is turned into a shining star through an inspired choice of tulle and sequins. The photo of this dress at the top of the post also shows tulle used for the straps.

tulle and sparkle

Another wonderful use for tulle is for table cloths, in white on white and as a pale contrast to a moody grey.

tulle table clothtulle table cloth




by Kathleen Brewster