Weddings coast style – Wedding Expo 3rd May 2015 Merimbula

I am really excited to announce that I am going to be participating in the fashion parade for the Wedding expo held annually in Merimbula. This year at the Pambula merimbula gold club.

The parade will include some dresses I have made for brides who are happy to let me have a lend of them and will also include some new dresses I am making especially for the parade.

Here is a little sneak peek. I am using some more unusual fabrics and loving the chance to let my imagination go and take some risks. Above is a vintage black and ivory stripe I am hand tacking ready for pleating. It is going to look ivory at the top of the skirt and each pleat will open to a black stripe at the hem.


This is a natural linen with a fine thread of metallic gold, it is fine and soft and my tests of raw edge ruffles have been a great success.


Tulle finely pleated and sewn in rows for an under skirt. I am only half way down and loving seeing it get fuller and fuller with each row. I am not exactly sure what the dress fabric will be, I have been thinking of a tulle skirt but will have a play around when the under skirt is done.

This will be a lot of work but I am really excited about it.

These dresses will be for sale after the parade. The prices will be great and will include the alterations to fit you. If you dont like exactly that dress the patterns are also available and choosing one will be a great way to save a little as there will be less patternmaking for me.

(Edited to change venue location from club sapphire to the pambula merimbula golf club as the venue has changed this year)

by Kathleen Brewster