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The initial meeting is to discuss ideas , timeline and budget. The design, fabric and a fixed price will be determined before going ahead  with measurements and patternmaking. First a sample of the dress will be made in basic cotton and the fit tested. The fitting is also the point where some decisions not yet made can be looked at. If it is needed sometimes a second sample in cotton is made. When the patern is perfect the final dress is made. Another fitting is needed where you will need to have the exact shoes and underwear to polish the last details of the dress. It will be pressed and ready for collection in a dress bag.
This depends entirely on the design and fabric selected. I work by offering a fixed price for each dress so you will know what it will cost before we proceed. Payment will need to be made in  blocks throughout the process with the last amount on the delivery.
A final sketch and fabric swatches will be agreed upon and the set price will be for this dress in the agreed time. There will always be room for you to make changes to the design throughout the making of the dress but this will affect the final price. If changes are to be made a new price agreement will be arranged.
The dress will evolve before your eyes during the lead up to your wedding. You will try on the cotton samples and be able to make small changes to the design to make sure you love it. It will fit to perfection so you will feel amazing wearing it and you will have been deeply involved in the designing so it can include elements of other dresses that you already know and love.
Yes, a custom made dress can be made to accentuate the assets of every body shape and size. I believe that the rules about what people should and shouldn't wear based on their body shape don't apply when you have a well fitted garment.
For pregnant brides some consideration will be made in the design depending on where about in the pregnancy they will be at the wedding. I will also make sure my schedule allows for the final fitting to be in the days before the wedding, a bump can grow too much in a week to leave it that long.
Ideally 4-9 months is needed for a wedding gown, I can work in a shorter period of time if I have the time in my schedule and we can agree on a rush price. A little cocktail frock can be done in a few weeks easily
I have had a lot of experience working with people I cant meet face to face. If you have a fabric she buys I can make anything she wants out of that. I can also source fabrics and work directly with the bride to make exactly what she wants.
Yes, anything.
I can if we have the time and budget,  I would prefer to make you something completely new and original. While we will draw ideas from existing dresses I want to make sure that you are involved in the creative process and can take immense pride in your own gown.
By choosing a locally made dress over a dress made in and freighted from China you are already making a green choice. I can source organic cottons and other natural fibres. Using recycled fabric or even whole dresses deconstructed and re designed is another way to save on waste.

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