Floral dress is Zac posen – on runway



For the bridesmaidsLovely watercolour look fabrics from talented Japanese designer Nani Iro



Try Etsy for invitation designers using…..


Here is a simple tutorial for making watercolour table numbers, the technique could be applied to any of your wedding stationary. The lovely textured paper is essential and it should be available at any art supplier along with the latex masking agent used.


Here some lovely watercolour dipped paper cups used for holding lovely little floral arrangements.





Velvet for a luxe winter celebration

I spent a little time looking for wedding dresses in velvet, It could have been the pictures or the fact most were from the 20’s or 30’s but I couldn’t find anything mind blowing. I will have to have a look at some white or ivory velvet the next time I am in a fabric shop and see how it behaves.

Velvet is amazing in rich colours and I have complied below a selection of ideas.

A subtle detail

Velvet ribbon wedding velet bow tie 3320bdacbdfd1ade2e3e98efb9f3b1ed c55b6e0aa669b21ac0c72d9978f0073b

Flowers with the look of velvet

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A touch of Vintage

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Chic bridesmaids

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Wattle is in bloom

No time today to put up with any hay fever whiners, the wattle is starting to bloom and I love it. The bright and lovely pillows of wattle are also the first hint that spring is on its way.

Here is a little wattle inspiration to bring a little more yellow to your day.

Wattle used in a mixed bouquet with more cottage flowers. They do work just as well away from their usual pairings of other Australian natives.

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This amazing bead necklace I have seen before so it isn’t available anymore. The designer is called Jojo and I can’t find a trace of her current work to see if there might be some more wattle in it.


This image is from a spring fete somewhere in France but the idea of using flowers and chicken wire would be perfect for a backdrop or photo booth.


Simple yellow, white and green.

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The Queen of wattle.


If you want to look a little further, search for mimosa as well as wattle, that is what the Americans call it.



Bridal show – 30’s Bias dress and veil

This dress was a challenge, The model who was planning to wear it had to pull out close to the date, I was so lucky that the beautiful model below was willing to help out a stranger and fit the dress to perfection.

372_weddings coast style 2015 309_weddings coast style 2015 374_weddings coast style 2015 DSC_0786 DSC_0794

The dress is made in a heavyweight polyester satin. It has a bias cut halter bodice which I closed with pearl buttons. The skirt is not exactly a bias cut but falls like one, I draped the skirt from one whole piece so the grain isn’t straight down the front but it isn’t exactly 45 degrees either. When the skirt was closed the last of the fabric was allowed to drape at the back as an asymmetric train.

Here are the details of the veil, some close up pictures and construction comments.

The finishing touch

A beautiful ribbon is the perfect accent for a beautiful bouquet. I have been collecting creative ideas for ribbons from the simple to the unusual.

A ribbon can add a pop of colour where your flowers cant. Weddings over winter can have fewer flower choices so why not stick to a simple palette and bring your colour in with some ribbon.

yellow ribbon bouquet

Lace is a good option, A soft white cotton or a more glamourous black.

09cac22800f5829f303c8ea35588790fLace ribbon bouquet

If you are crafty consider customising, cotton lace can be dyed or ribbons embellished with embroidery.

hand dyed ribbon

I am loving this idea, a piece of fabric wrapped around the bouquet. The perfect excuse to buy a LV scarf? or see if there is one that belonged to your Nana. The best fabric shops have gorgeous silk prints and using a print can bring some complexity over a solid colour ribbon.


Some sparkle?

sequin ribbon on bouquet54075fa0bc728$!400x



Ric rac is a cute option. It works well mixed with other ribbons.

ric rac floral arangments ric rac around bouquet

Here are some more unusual. Pom pom braid, feathers and even fringe.

pom pom bouquet fringe around flowers234c2fbd602e192d96c5080d3ad6c82e

30’s veil details

I really wanted to show off the details of this veil. It was a bit of an experiment using the crochet detail but it all ended up looking so wonderful with the dress (and my lovely model) I am really proud of it.

IMG_5976374_weddings coast style 2015

Here is the crochet detail on the wire base. The tulle was sewn along the base to keep it against the head in the Juliet cap style worn in the 30’s.

The tulle I used is a soft bridal tulle. It falls more like silk tulle than nylon tulle. It was perfect for this look.

372_weddings coast style 2015 309_weddings coast style 2015 DSC_0797 DSC_0794


I had a wonderful post ready to post about how much I love helium balloons. before I could finish it I have been told that helium is a finite resource and the party industry is taking helium away from Scientists and MRI machines. I am a fan of Doctors and Scientists as much as balloons so I am content to let them have the helium.

With this in mind I have re crafted this post. Here are some wonderful ways to use Balloons without using helium.


Mixed sizes of balloons made into a garland with fresh flowers.


These could be helium but tying small bunches of balloons along a cord would give the same effect. The rope of balloons could then be hung anywhere


Confetti or glitter filled balloons will still look amazing without the helium. It is the static electricity that keeps the little pieces stuck around the walls of the balloon.

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These balloons are suspended from the ceiling. I have seen some tutorials that suggest a small weight in each one before blowing them up.

Bridal emergency kit

I have packed a few emergency kits in my time. I think it is my sewing skills that get me the job. Here for the benefit of brides everywhere is my must have kit.

  • Water – If you need a Panadol it is likely that what you really need is water.
  • Panadol – Especially when drinking in the sun.
  • Baby wipes – Not only are they a wonder for a freshen up but for any marks on the dress they are the perfect spot cleaner. They are always damp and have some soaps in them that will lift most small marks.
  • Safety pins – Not supermarket ones as they will just bend if put under any stress, go to the dressmaking shop to get some. They are ideal to re attach a broken strap.
  • Needle and thread – The little ‘sewing kits’ you can buy are hopeless, if you need to sew something you don’t want to be dealing with cheap and nasty thread. Using good cotton I like to cut the thread to lengths and actually thread them on the needle. Wrap the threads around some card and poke the needles through. As well as a small needle with regular sewing cotton bring along a heavier one with some stronger thread.  (top stitching thread is perfect) The best solution to a broken zip is to sew the dress closed and you will need a heavy thread for this.
  • small scissors – If you have to sew a dress closed she will eventually have to get out of it. Also handy if a veil gets a hole somewhere near the edge before photos the edge can be trimmed to take the hole off.
  • Sore tummy fixes – if you have a nervous tummy make sure you have something to settle it. Ask your pharmacist what will be best for your nervous tummy type.
  • Snacks – something small for an instant pick me up. If you have a friend who  is a cyclist get them to make you something small and packed for ease of eating on the run and full of energy.
  • bobby pins – Not being a hair expert myself  I will leave this blank for advice from your hairdresser, they will know what you will need.
  • Lipstick -as bobby pins
  • Medication – If you take something regularly in the evening make sure you have it around and remember to get it over and done with after cake. If you take something you can not miss, set an alarm in your or a bridesmaids phone.

pack all this in a small bag, choose something cute if you can as it will be hanging around all day. I hope you don’t need any of it but you will be fully prepared if you do.




Pressing service

I would like to offer a new service to the brides of the far south coast. Being a dressmaker means I am incredibly experienced with Ironing. I have decided to take this skill and offer it up in a very special way.

The day before your wedding or the morning of I am offering a service to come to where you will be getting ready and press your wedding dress.

If your dress has gotten a little crinkled in its bag it can be pressed and hung so that it looks perfect for your big day. It doesn’t matter if it is silk or not or if I have made it for you or not.

For the first hour I charge $100. This includes me coming to you with my good iron and Ironing board. I will press your wedding dress and veil and make sure it is hanging perfectly, ready for your big day. Depending on your dress this hour may also give me time to press some bridesmaids dresses also.

For further hours I charge $60. I am happy to stay and press as much as you need including men’s shirts and outfits for family who are not in the bridal party.

If you pass me a list of what needs to be done I can calculate how long this will take and work out a fixed price with you.

These prices are for brides between Eden and Bega. If you live further away I am still happy to come but will discuss with you a further charge for travel.