Queen Anne’s lace

Blooming all over the Bega valley right now is Queen Anne’s lace. A very romantic name for what is essentially weed carrots but either name a lovely white flower. The above photo shows Queen Anne’s lace flowering along the Wolumla-Candelo road.

I have found some lovely examples of brides using this flower in their celebrations. My favourite is the basket loaded with flowers that could easily be colected.

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It is interesting reading comments from people outside of Australia about not picking them from the wild. Luckily we live in Australia and they are an introduced species and technically a weed so are fair game as long as they are not in someones garden.

These photos show the flowers I cut over 24 hours ago, still looking lovely in a vase. They did droop a little on the way home but perked up as soon as they went into water. Perhaps a bucket to keep them wet the whole time would be advisable if you were collecting a large bunch.

IMG_4666   IMG_4672

The spent flowers look just as lovely

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by Kathleen Brewster