The banksias are coming into flower. soon I will grab myself a huge bouquet to enjoy indoors. If you are not lucky enough to have your own supply here are some for you to enjoy.

I am assuming a blow torch was what has given the wonderful black char to these banksia pods. Just keep them away from the dress.

VAsh_Shaw_Picture_That_Photography_girlonfire026_low c17015ffeb8d7f34786002a90097a0c5

Lush bouquets mixed with softer foliage and smaller flowers. Most native flowers will last well when cut so arrangements like these can be made days before an event.

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I included this lovely print by Australian artist Margaret Preston. The graphic lines on this wood block print are the perfect inspiration for invites. Printing paper with that soft natural colour is available from any good art shop.


Single stems with their leaves are an easy choice as they last well and can be arranged by anyone.

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I had some fun playing with banksias from my mum’s garden.





Would you wear a 2 piece

I am in love with the 2 piece but understand it is a controversial choice. For the bride who would instantly assume she couldnt wear this I have scoured through the options to find what I think are the best and most wearable styles, even for women with body types who would assume they couldn’t.

The first few leave just a little skin and this area is higher around the ribs which is usually a less squishy area.

2 13 2 12 JLM - Hailey Paige 2 6 2 5

A sheer layer over the midriff is another way to soften the look.

2 12 15 2 42 14

Another option is to create the illusion of a 2 piece. These dresses show no skin but have the draped top over the bodice.

2 11 2 10 Theia Bridal2 16 2 2

Lastly one that is really special. The skin is all visible at the back.

2 3

Midnight Bride

Black is a colour being embraced more and more at weddings. Living in Australia we are naturally drawn towards the sun so as a contrast to that I have been searching for the pieces to put together a wedding fit for midnight.

A bride likes to stand out on her day and white is certianly a great way to do that. To stand out in a black or coloured dress is also possible, the dress just has to be a showstopper.

Above Tara Latour, Vera wang, Vintage charles james, Dior, Dior, Zac Posen, Dior, Marchesca.

midnight 1  midnight 10 midnight 5 midnight 6 midnight 2midnight 9 Marchesca night sky dress

To go with the dark and moody dress some dark and moody flowers

Begonia leaves, Autumn leaves and artichokes, Black berries and purple roses, eucalyptus and ferns painted black.

midnight 8 midnight 11 Dark bouquet dark bouquet

channel Queen Victoria with a mourning tiara.

midnight 4 midnight 3

Save the money you would spend on a venue with a view and use it for wine and chocolate. Any venue filled with candles is going to be wonderful. Choose winter so the sun sets early, or better yet if you think your guests will not whinge too much set the ceremony time for midnight.


Feather obsessions

Feathers are amazing structures and its no wonder they have been used in fashion since as long as people have been adorning themselves. There are a large number of feather types commonly used in fashion and even more ways to use them. In this post I am going to look at Ostrich. A versatile feather as it can be used as a whole feather or pulled apart.

feather and lace gold dress

This dress is probably the most simple way to use feathers, a light scattering of ostrich wisps applied to lace.  When feathers are added to light fabrics they are usually stitched which can be time consuming so to keep the numbers down can save time and effort. These feathers have been dyed to match the dress colour. Dying feathers is actually quite easy.

jummy choo feather wedding shoes

Shoes by Jimmy Choo, well outside of my budget but I wonder if some glue and feathers could make a more simple pair of heels this incredible?

feather ball gown

I am sure this couture feather skirt by Giambattista Valli was hand sewn individual tufts of feathers. It is possible to cheat a little as feathers are available already strung like a fringe. These fringes would then be applied to the skirt. 

Vintage feather cape.

Vintage feather cape.

This vintage cape is using Ostrich feathers in their natural untreated colour. These feathers are likely applied by splitting the main quill and sewing down each half.

Here are some feathers looking lovely for your enjoyment.

Feather ideas for wedding

feather ideas for wedding dress



Dip dye

Many thanks to Gwen Stefani and John Galliano for bringing the dip dye into the world of bridal. This technique is a wonderful way to add some colour to a dress. I am actually going to have an opportunity to dip dye some projects and I am really excited about them.

gwen stefani wedding dress gwen stefani wedding dress













Here a lovely soft lace dress dipped in a soft silvery blue. This dress shows a colour gradient down to the hem. This is achieved through varying the dilution of the dye as well as the time in the dye pot.

dip dye wedding dress













A brighter blue dipped ruffle dress. It looks like some of the ruffles are dipped and some are white where they should be blue, the dipping and ruffling must have been alternated.

Dip dye dress













Lovely sleek black on a simple peach dress. This dress is the most basic dip as it is a solid edge between the dark and light.

dip dye fabric













This dress looks to be made from fabric that has been dipped, not actually dipped itself. With improvements to printing fabric in recent years it is now possible to buy fabric with a colour gradient effect that are printed. These fabrics can be a great way to get the look of dip dye without the expense.










Another cascade of ruffles dipped, The colour being allowed to creep higher on one side.

dip dye wedding dress













This dress by Tara LaTour is not actually dipped but the look is created through layering colours of chiffon.


Another local ‘weed’ that has caught my eye is the brilliant orange crocosmia. It is currently flowering in abundance along the side of the road between Tura beach and Merimbula. I am lucky enough to have some in my garden and I am going to make sure I collect some bulbs to put into my new garden when the house is finished. I had never thought of it as a wedding flower until I started imagining what was possible outside of what is available commercially.


Crocosmia cut and left tall for a lovely farmyard wedding. This bride also used wild fennel which is flowering at the moment too. The tall leaves she used are actually young stalks of corn.

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Crocosmia mixed with garden roses and Oregano flowers.


Crocosmia in a more yellow shade mixed with ginger flowers for a tropical elopement.


Weddings coast style – Wedding Expo 3rd May 2015 Merimbula

I am really excited to announce that I am going to be participating in the fashion parade for the Wedding expo held annually in Merimbula. This year at the Pambula merimbula gold club.

The parade will include some dresses I have made for brides who are happy to let me have a lend of them and will also include some new dresses I am making especially for the parade.

Here is a little sneak peek. I am using some more unusual fabrics and loving the chance to let my imagination go and take some risks. Above is a vintage black and ivory stripe I am hand tacking ready for pleating. It is going to look ivory at the top of the skirt and each pleat will open to a black stripe at the hem.


This is a natural linen with a fine thread of metallic gold, it is fine and soft and my tests of raw edge ruffles have been a great success.


Tulle finely pleated and sewn in rows for an under skirt. I am only half way down and loving seeing it get fuller and fuller with each row. I am not exactly sure what the dress fabric will be, I have been thinking of a tulle skirt but will have a play around when the under skirt is done.

This will be a lot of work but I am really excited about it.

These dresses will be for sale after the parade. The prices will be great and will include the alterations to fit you. If you dont like exactly that dress the patterns are also available and choosing one will be a great way to save a little as there will be less patternmaking for me.

(Edited to change venue location from club sapphire to the pambula merimbula golf club as the venue has changed this year)