Dip dye

Many thanks to Gwen Stefani and John Galliano for bringing the dip dye into the world of bridal. This technique is a wonderful way to add some colour to a dress. I am actually going to have an opportunity to dip dye some projects and I am really excited about them.

gwen stefani wedding dress gwen stefani wedding dress













Here a lovely soft lace dress dipped in a soft silvery blue. This dress shows a colour gradient down to the hem. This is achieved through varying the dilution of the dye as well as the time in the dye pot.

dip dye wedding dress













A brighter blue dipped ruffle dress. It looks like some of the ruffles are dipped and some are white where they should be blue, the dipping and ruffling must have been alternated.

Dip dye dress













Lovely sleek black on a simple peach dress. This dress is the most basic dip as it is a solid edge between the dark and light.

dip dye fabric













This dress looks to be made from fabric that has been dipped, not actually dipped itself. With improvements to printing fabric in recent years it is now possible to buy fabric with a colour gradient effect that are printed. These fabrics can be a great way to get the look of dip dye without the expense.










Another cascade of ruffles dipped, The colour being allowed to creep higher on one side.

dip dye wedding dress













This dress by Tara LaTour is not actually dipped but the look is created through layering colours of chiffon.

by Kathleen Brewster